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St Jérôme, QC

Permanent position, full time


Under the supervision of the IT Director, the network and system technician makes sure the network and the server are working correctly for the whole company (servers, routers, switches, etc.). This person might be required to act as a first level customer support.


Security Specialist:

•    Act as a primary security specialist;
•    Monitor the threat logs;
•    Recommend detection and prevention posture;
•    Deep analysis and correlation of security events;
•    Produce KPI reports.

Network Specialist:

•    Network design and recommending appropriate architectures, solutions, and vendors;
•    Brocade Routing and Switching;
•    Maintain the integrity and continual operation of the network;
•    Build in network security and privacy everywhere, by design;
•    Provide support in the areas of network monitoring (identifying patches, hotfixes, security vulnerabilities, etc).

System Specialist:

•    Develop, review, and certify all backup and disaster recovery procedures and plan;
•    Maintain security and privacy of the information systems, communication lines, and equipment;
•    Provide support in the areas of software maintenance and hardware (identifying patches, hotfixes, security vulnerabilities, etc).

Customer Support:

•    Act as Level 2 technical support for all Security, Network or Systems related incidents through investigation and troubleshooting activities;
•    Provide 1st level support to our internal and external client’s customers, including service requests and incident management.


•    Certification related to the role and a minimum of one (1) year experience as a Security Analyst or a minimum of 3 years experience as a Security Analyst;
•    IPS management experience;
•    Working knowledge of common attacks and vulnerabilities;
•    Strong knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol suite and related security concerns;
•    Strong knowledge of Microsoft workstation and server operating systems;
•    Strong knowledge of Linux / Unix operating systems;
•    Strong knowledge of Hypervisors (VmWare, Docker, Hyper-V, KVM, OpenVZ);
•    Working knowledge of well-known security tools such as NMAP, TCPDump, Wireshark, Netcat;
•    Networking knowledge (firewall, network (layer 2-3),routers, TCP/IP, SNMP);
•    Valid driving license (class 5).


•    Work Experience with PaloAlto firewall;
•    Work Experience with PfSense firewall;
•    Excellent customer relationship management;
•    Experience in database administration;
•    Knowledge of ZFS file system;
•    Excellent ability to write documentation;
•    Experience with IPv6;
•    Bilingual French and English;
•    Abilities to work under pressure.

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