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Compatibility Lab


"Your Customers Deserve a Flawless Gaming Experience"

Delivering a flawless gaming experience to your customers is becoming increasingly complex because of the varied network configurations, peripherals, computer hardware combinations and the advancements in game engines that have increased the sophistication of functionality in games available on the market today. It is imperative that your game be tested for functionality flaws and compatibility on as many combinations as possible; from joysticks to processors, video and sound cards to multiple connections speeds and TV’s including the latest plasmas, HDTV and audio systems. At Enzyme Labs we can test your video game on well over 300 configurations to ensure maximum market compatibility.



Hardware Lab

Our hardware testing lab is extensively equipped to test the compatibility of your latest games on both PC and Mac platforms. In addition, our privileged relationship with the leading hardware manufacturers permits us to offer you all the latest compatibility tests, in multiple languages, using the most up-to-date operating systems video cards, sound cards, processors, keyboards and game play peripherals available on the market today.