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Linguistic Testing and Localization

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Our linguistics lab will test all of your in-game texts to validate grammar, syntax, spelling and proper location on a variety of different platforms to ensure compliance with all console and handheld manufacturers localized official terminologies. In addition, we will also review and perform exhaustive language tests to ensure your text and audio respect the cultural aspects of a game’s local edition, remains in context and is consistent throughout.


Localization Lab

At Enzyme Labs we know the value of tailoring your game titles to specific markets. Success of a new game title in the worldwide gaming market is as dependent on the playability, concept and innovation within a game as it is to the care and dedication each localized edition receives to ensure it accurately reflects the culture and the language of the market to be served.

Enzyme Labs can perform game localization and linguistic testing in any or all of the following languages:

• English (US, UK)
• French
• Italian
• German
• Spanish (SP, LAM)   
• Japanese

• Finnish
• Danish
• Norwegian   
• Swedish
• Dutch
• Russian

• Polish
• Czech
• Portuguese (POR, BZL)

Other languages available on request: Chinese, Korean, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic…


Enzyme Labs has extensive in-house resources to provide you with expert cultural validation services on multiple console platforms, handheld devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows7, PC and Mac.

We evaluate and recommend changes to your game based on our expert test procedures, focus groups and cultural validation process to ensure your game is balanced, culturally relevant and accurate for its intended market.

Translation Lab

Enzyme Labs has a fully staffed translation lab that can translate your in-game missing strings and provide linguistic support for your game. Our professional translators can adapt your content within the context of our linguistic tests in over 39 languages.