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Multiplayer Online Gaming

"Are You Ready to Handle the Load?"

The online games of the future are where millions of gamers will test their skills against each other simultaneously in an ever changing and challenging environment. Enzyme Labs has developed testing procedures, processes and community management services that will make sure you are ready to handle the load.

Online Lab

Our online lab is one of the most sophisticated and extensively equipped on the market today, it accommodates up to 200 testers simultaneously on PC stations and gaming consoles. Our dedicated Internet connections, bandwidth and WiFi setups, variety of routers and state-of-the art servers allow our team of professional testers to perform a variety of tests that simulate actual multiplayer environments and playing conditions. We will test your game environment for functionality, load stress, Internet connection speeds, latency and packet loss. Additional tests will also be performed to ensure you deliver the quality gaming experience your customers have come to expect from your products.


Network Lab

With the ever expanding number of gamers that enjoy testing their skills against a wide variety of opponents through LAN gaming parties, the proliferation of online game play, interactive console play or simply remote person-to-person video gaming, Enzyme Labs ensures that your game can provide optimized reaction times on a wide variety of LAN, routers, WiFi and network hardware/software configurations as well as variable Internet connections and latencies to maximize the interactive game play experience using our bandwidth testing setup. We can load test your game simultaneously with up to 200 experienced gamers for as little as one hour if required.


Beta Tester and Community Management Lab

Massively multiplayer online gaming requires that your game be thoroughly tested and that once launched in a live environment adequate resources are in place to handle and manage the growth of your game as it becomes increasingly popular.

Enzyme Labs has a database of qualified beta-testers that will test the limits of your game in its real playing environment – the Internet. We will then provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report outlining our recommendations and identifying game flaws to be corrected prior to a public launch. Also, our team manages, trains and continually recruits new qualified Beta testers to provide you with an ever increasing volume of testers as the popularity of MMOG continues to grow.

As the success of your new MMOG grows, so do the resources required for registration, payment processing, game access, forum management, customer support and general community management. Enzyme Labs can provide you with a tailor-made cost effective solution to manage your gaming community as it grows with the popularity of your game.