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Multilingual Customer Support and Community Management

"Making Sure You Stand Behind Your Games… Keeps Your Customers Happy"

At Enzyme Labs, we know the importance of providing fast and efficient customer service and providing answers to any game related issues customers can encounter. We can provide complete customer support services by phone or on the Internet in over 23 languages. Other languages can be accommodated on request.




Customer Support Lab

At Enzyme Labs we make sure that any customer care issues or technical support requirements are handled directly by our dedicated and fully trained staff that are themselves passionate about games. We can provide 24/7 worldwide customer support in multiple languages and will immediately document all questions and comments from your customers. In addition, if a more complex recurring issue should arise we can immediately test your game in our compatibility and game test lab facilities.

At Enzyme Labs, we know how important it is to provide fully integrated support services for your games. We can customize our solutions to your needs and your customers will think we are part of your company. We offer web-based services that include a fully functional, company branded website with complete knowledge base and search engine in addition to Email customer support based on templates for complex problem inquiries that generate a written support request. Also, we can provide multilingual operator assisted phone support. Select any, all or a combination of our customer support services and we will make sure you stand behind your games.

Your Choice of Service with Seamless Integration

Whether you choose telephone, web-based, or both services, Enzyme Testing Labs™ will provide seamless integration with your operations by providing timely responses to your customers concerns. We will regularly update and maintain a problems/solutions database, generate call statistics and forward recurrent items to you for patches and fixes. Your customers will believe we are part of your company as we fully brand ourselves to reflect your identity both on the phone and on the web.