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Focus Group and Video Game Evaluation Services


Enzyme Labs only hires talent that is passionate about games. This is why we are the perfect partner to evaluate the playability of your game, recommend changes and additions that will optimize the probability of commercial success and maximize the gaming experience for your customers. We perform an in-depth analysis of your game using focus groups and our most demanding game testers to provide you with a comprehensive detailed report outlining functionality, gameplay and balancing issues, along with specific recommendations that will undoubtedly help make your newest game a market leader.

Enzyme Labs will provide you with valuable insight and a market barometer to make sure you achieve maximum commercial success with your latest game in all of your targeted markets. Our vast experience in testing all types of video games on all major platforms from strategy, simulation and first person shooters to educational titles enables you to tap our knowledge and fine-tune your product for the North American, European and Asian markets before you introduce your game. Our focus group services are designed to provide you with the feedback you need from all types of gamers and industry professionals on the critical aspects of your product including:



  • Character Design
  • Gameplay
  • Features
  • Marketability
  • Game Design
  • Graphics
  • Cultural Acceptance
  • Game Control
  • Innovations


Enzyme Labs offers a complete range of playtests and game evaluation packages that can be implemented and executed individually, combined or as a complete package that includes:

Game accessibility principles
Fun Factor Evaluation
Walkthrough game evaluation
Playability evaluation
Usability testing
Statistical Balancing Analysis
Networked multiplayer games inspection techniques
Massively multiplayer online game evaluation
Benchmark (competitive analysis)


In 2009, we implemented an advanced real-time focus group monitoring system that provides you with valuable insight into game controls, game flow and player reaction.


The Enzyme Testing Labs™ Methodology

At Enzyme Testing Labs™, once we have received the detailed information about your game and your research and validation requirements, we conduct our focus group video game evaluations according to a six-step process: 

Research Planning

Defines research objectives, process and expected outcomes.


Gameplay according to participant skill level and game characteristics.

Participant Feedback

Individual gamer and professional feedback about playing experiences according to a predetermined set of evaluation criteria.

Group Sessions/Validation

Group review sessions to validate individual findings and achieve consensus among participants according to their gamer category.


A detailed report of findings according to the research objectives including specific recommendations to enhance the gaming experience if required.


Validation of perceptions and gaming experience subsequent  to modifications made to the game.

Using our focus group video game evaluation services could be one of the most important decisions you make in the development of your newest video game.


Product Evaluation Services

Making Sure You Choose the Right Games

Every year, game publishers and console manufacturers are inundated by game developers offering them the next "Big Game" title. Sifting through and evaluating each and every submission can be a time-consuming and expensive task. At Enzyme Testing Labs™, we have developed a game evaluation process that will provide you with the information you require to choose the right games to develop for your market. Our services will save you time and you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the video game industry. Our video game evaluation services include detailed reporting on the marketability of the game according to specific criteria, gameplay evaluation and detailed ranking within specific categories of all the games submitted for evaluation. The information we provide is exactly what you need to choose the right games to offer your customers.