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Play Program

What Is Our Play Program?

At Enzyme Testing Labs™, we work with some of the most successful video game developers and publishers in the world. In addition to providing world-class video game testing services, we also assist our customers in the development of their game through our focus group and product evaluation services.

You Can Help Make New Games A Success 

We are always looking for individuals who are passionate about video games to participate in our focus group or product evaluation sessions. We perform focus group services that range from game concept assessment, story plot evaluation, gameplay, as well as market and cultural acceptance for a variety of games on all major platforms.

You can help make new games a success by participating in these sessions. As a selected participant, you will have the opportunity to play and contribute to the development of some of the most exciting games not yet available in the marketplace. All participants selected for a focus group receive remuneration.

In addition, as a registered participant in our play program, you could have the opportunity to test beta versions of some games online.

Please take a few moments to register by clicking here.