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True Stories

NAME: Manuela Martin
FROM: Germany
JOIN DATE: January 2006

Manuela was studying for her Master’s degree, majoring in English with minors in Media Science and Computer Science. In the course of her studies, she participated in several foreign exchange student programs including one with a US university. She also got involved with international work programs and realized she was interested in getting exposed to multicultural environments.

After completing her studies in Germany and recognizing that the job market in her area of expertise was not all that good, she thought it would be the ideal moment to live the experience of working in a foreign country for one year.

She had always been attracted by the open spaces of Canada and started looking at various job sites to see what was out there. In doing so, she came across a job advertisement from Enzyme. As she says, «I did play some video games, but I would not have considered myself a gamer per se. Nonetheless, I applied and after going through the selection process, I found myself, a few weeks later, with a job offer as a Linguistic Tester, which I decided to accept.»

«I arrived in January 2006 which gave me a taste of Canadian winters; they are effectively a little tougher than in Germany. Enzyme had hired many Linguistic testers from different parts of Europe. It was amazing how rapidly I felt as if I was part of a family. While we all came from various backgrounds, we were all sharing the similar adventure of living and working in a foreign country.»

«What was supposed to be a one-year experience has stretched way beyond what I initially imagined. Since joining Enzyme, I was able to visit different parts of Canada including Vancouver, the Rocky Mountains, Labrador and many others. I’m now looking forward to visiting Newfoundland on the East coast.»

«Enzyme has enabled me to develop various skills such as languages, coping with the pressure in a fast-paced environment and developing my leadership skills. Having been promoted to Project Manager, I am now responsible for multiple projects and must lead my team members in their assigned projects. This is very gratifying.»


NAME: Maxime Charbonneau
FROM: Canada
JOIN DATE: June 2007

Maxime’s job experience prior to joining Enzyme was mainly in the retail sector. As he says, «I’ve always liked to deal with people.»

Aside from his work, Maxime developed an interest, if not to say a passion for video games. «I was no more than 4 years old when I played my first video game. I eventually participated in various video game groups (I.E. MMORPG) and started networking with other video game enthusiasts. Reflecting back, this is most likely how I managed to improve my English.»

In early 2007, Maxime and a close friend were discussing on how it would be fun if they could work for a video game company. Oddly enough, a week or two later, they saw an open house advertisement from Enzyme which they decided to attend. Maxime finally applied for a position as Tester in May and got the job.

«I had only been working for one month at Enzyme when an opening for Lead Tester was posted. When I was selected, I must admit, I did not anticipate I could progress as rapidly. My position provides me enormous satisfaction because it involves two main areas of interest for me, which are video games and dealing with people. I really enjoy my role in which I can develop my leadership skills and where I can share my own knowledge with team members. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I have a much clearer sense of what and where I want to be in the future and I am confident that I will be able to achieve this at Enzyme.»