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Please take a moment and review some of the most frequently asked questions about careers at Enzyme Testing Labs™.

About Working at Enzyme Testing Labs™

What salary do you offer?

The salary varies according to a scale and is governed by internal equity and job equity principles. It will therefore be established in accordance with the salary scale in place for the position, the experience and the overall profile of the chosen candidate. Enzyme offers a competitive salary and an advantageous global income system.

I submitted my application a few days ago. What is happening?

All applications are studied in-depth by our Human Resources Department according to the positions currently available. If your qualifications correspond to our profile for these positions, a member of our team will contact you to further discuss your application. If not, your resume will be kept on file for one year for future consideration.

Who can access my application file or my C.V.?

Only our Human Resources Department may access it, as it is a confidential document.

Do you hire applicants who are currently in school?

Yes. We offer several internships in almost all departments of the company: computer science, multimedia, translation, human resources, administration, etc. These internships are available full-time.

Do you have a dress code?


How many employees does Enzyme Testing Labs™ have?

Enzyme Testing Labs™ employs over 300 people from around the world.

What is the best way to submit my curriculum vitae?

The best way is to fill out an application form here.

How do I get to your office for my interview?

Consult the map, located on the Contact Us page, by clicking on the office where your interview will occur. Applicants from overseas will be able to have a telephone interview instead.

How does the interview process work?

Depending on the position you applied for, there may be specific tests or interviews to be completed. Some positions may require a second interview with the head of the department you may eventually join. The Human Resources Department will inform you of the procedure to be followed when you apply.


About Working in Canada

What type of weather does Quebec have?

Quebec is a very large province, about 3 times the size of France. In the south of the province, where Enzyme is located, summers are hot and winters are cold with a lot of snow. Fall is also a great season with all the changing foliage in the Laurentians. You can consult the following site for detailed information about the weather.  www.weathernetwork.com

What languages are spoken in Quebec?

Canada has two official languages; French and English. All government services and documents are available in both languages.

In most provinces, English is the predominant language, but in Quebec, French is the language spoken by the majority. Only 8% of Quebec's population state English as their mother tongue and most of them are from the Montreal region.

Where is Saint-Jérôme?

Saint-Jérôme is a large town located in the heart of the Laurentians, about 50 km north of Montreal. The Laurentians are recognized as a recreational and leisure destination for all of its available outdoor activities, rivers, lakes and ski centers. For more information, you can visit the local tourism association website at www.laurentides.com.

What is the closest airport?

The closest airport is Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International in Montreal. The airport code is YUL.

How do I prepare for my arrival in Canada?

If you sign a work contract with Enzyme Labs, our Human Resources Department will provide you with all of the necessary information and personal assistance you require to come and work with us in Canada.

Where can I find information about Canada and Quebec?

Information on Canada and Quebec can be found by visiting the following government websites: