Enzyme — The Science of Game Testing™

Lab Managers and Technicians

At Enzyme Labs we only hire talent that is passionate about games. Our Lab managers are all experienced in project management and the rigorous testing procedures and techniques we developed to deliver uncompromising quality assurance for our clients. All of our lab technicians are enthusiastic gamers that are fully trained in our processes and procedures before being assigned to a project. Also, to facilitate communications with our clients, we have native speaking French, English, German and Japanese project managers.

Our large in-house international staff totaling over 300 managers and technicians, makes us one of the only game testing labs in the world to offer our services in over 23 languages based on all major console language capabilities including:

• English (US, UK)
• French
• Italian
• German
• Spanish (SP, LAM)   
• Japanese

• Finnish
• Danish
• Norwegian   
• Swedish
• Dutch
• Russian

• Polish
• Czech
• Portuguese (POR, BZL)

Other languages available on request: Chinese, Korean, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic…