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Lab Services

Enzyme Labs provides a complete range of game testing and pre-certification services for all major gaming platforms and handheld devices including new technology platforms, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Windows 7. We also offer linguistic, MMOG, load testing,  focus group, playtests, product evaluation and customer support services that will reduce your time to market, increase productivity and reduce your development costs to ensure your customers enjoy a trouble free gaming experience. We are recognized as an official “Authorized Microsoft Xbox360TM and Kinect TM Games Test Vendor" and certified as a video game testing and pre-certification facility on all other major console platforms. These accreditations, combined with our privileged relationship with all major hardware and console manufacturers will ensure that your games are tested using the latest available technology to ensure maximum compatibility and market penetration potential.


Multilingual Pre-Certification and Game Balancing

We Make Sure People Love Your Games

Enzyme Labs is one of the only game testing facilities in the world to offer a complete range of game-play, game balancing, focus groups and pre-certification services in multiple languages.

Our professional team of Lab Managers and Testers will put your game through our specifically designed series of tests that will ensure your game reaches its full marketing potential and you receive pre-certification so that your game is ready to be introduced to the worldwide gaming market simultaneously in multiple languages.

Enzyme Labs can perform game balancing and pre-certification in any or all of the following languages:

• English (US, UK)
• French
• Italian
• German
• Spanish (SP, LAM) 
• Japanese

• Finnish
• Danish
• Norwegian  
• Swedish
• Dutch
• Russian

• Polish
• Czech
• Portuguese
  (POR, BZL)

Other languages available on request: Chinese, Korean, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic…