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  1. Chinese: China is ranked number 1 in the iOS App Store 2015 listing. In 2015, China’s game industry was worth $22.2B.
  1. Japanese: The Japanese games market is massive. The gamer population is 67 million, and the revenue 12.3B USD. The Japanese mobile games market accounts for 6.2 B USD. Japan ranks highly in both revenue and downloads in App Store.
  1. Russian: The PC Games market and Google Play Market are bigger than the iOS market in Russia; but since the Russian market is so big, Russia qualifies as the 5th largest country in the world for downloads.




Other really popular languages include:

  • Hindi – there are132 million Indian mobile gamers;
  • Brazilian Portuguese – Brazil will account for 39 % of the total Latin American revenue in 2016;
  • German – Germany has the highest game revenues in Europe.


Tips:  Localizing a game allows it to reach a far larger number of players, from all around the world, hence increasing its potential revenues.